Master Planning

van Zelm is a recognized leader in the planning and design of large academic, healthcare, and corporate campuses. We assist our clients through the development of significant but realistic goals for the energy use of their facilities and utility infrastructure. We incorporate innovative approaches to utility production and distribution with an in-depth understanding of the issues that drive utility usage to provide our clients with the roadmap needed to support their campus goals. Master Plans become working tools that can be used as the backbone of multi-year budgeting and project management plans.

A Complete Master Plan Includes

  • Existing Facility Survey
  • Prioritized capital renewal plan with scope and budget
  • Demands and capacity for engineering infrastructure of expanded facilities
  • Integrated solutions for existing and future needs
  • Strategic Energy Plan for realistic management of energy costs into the future
  • Infrastructure Operational Plan for future maintenance and building systems operations
  • Automated monitoring and control
  • Targets of energy efficient system implementation
  • Plan for new technology impact
  • Multi-source energy/utility purchasing methods
  • Ultimate optimization and stewardship of resources