van Zelm’s reputation in the building industry is for the successful design of complicated mechanical and electrical systems demanded by today’s sophisticated buildings. Our solution-oriented designs are responsive to building system infrastructure requirements for healthcare, laboratory, academic, athletic, college/university, libraries, performing arts, historic and adaptive reuse, office, industrial and institutional facilities.

Sustainable Design

Having designed sustainable projects since the 1980’s, van Zelm is uniquely qualified to evaluate the practical application of energy-conserving technology on both the supply and demand sides of the energy equation – reducing the environmental footprint without impacting operations.
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Master Planning

Master Plans become working tools that can be used as the backbone of multi-year budgeting and project management plans – a roadmap to support campus goals. We develop realistic goals and innovative approaches for energy use and utility infrastructure.
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We are experts in the design of sustainable and energy efficient HVAC Systems and Controls aligned with the needs of each client and project  from analysis and selection of equipment to the integration of sustainable systems and approaches.
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Designing safe, reliable, flexible, and efficient electrical systems across diverse market sectors and building types.
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Sustainable design practices ensure that water conservation is a top priority. Rainwater, condensate, and other waste streams are harvested and treated for reuse. We design gaseous, purified water, process waste, bio-waste and specialty plumbing systems for multiple sectors.
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Fire Protection

The application of sound fire protection principles is a vital aspect of many new building projects and an ongoing operations concern for existing facilities.
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The Commissioning Process ensures that engineering systems deliver their promised performance and optimizes the efficiency of the construction process. van Zelm offers commissioning services in every area of our practice.
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van Zelm offers a range of specialized services to support construction built around our core offerings of engineering design and sustainability.
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Providing expert consulting, design, and project management for a broad range of technology systems from basic cable plant design to campus infrastructure master planning.
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