van Zelm’s plumbing engineers ensure that water conservation and sustainable design requirements are fully supported. Our designs include many projects for which rainwater, condensate and other wastewater streams are harvested and treated for reuse. Our practice includes the design of gaseous, purified water, process water, process waste, bio waste and plumbing systems across multiple sectors. Our designs also include specialty plumbing for unique applications.

  • Master Planning
  • Domestic Water Distribution
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Drainage Waste and Vent Systems
  • Water (Grey Water) Recovery and Recycling
  • Storm Water Recycling Systems
  • Pharmaceutical RO / DI Water Systems
  • Bulk Gaseous Storage Systems
  • Laboratory and Medical Gas Systems
  • Laboratory Compressed Air and Vacuum
  • Laboratory Waste Collection / Treatment
  • Specialty Gas Systems
  • Hospital and Clinical Piped Services
  • Process Liquid and Gas Systems
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Water Conservation Studies
  • Plumbing Code Studies