Central Connecticut State University – New Engineering Building

The new CCSU 100,000 SF Engineering Building has been designed to meet the current and future needs of the newly created School of Engineering, Science, and Technology. The facility provides flexible and innovative laboratories as well as instructional and project-based student spaces to support CCSU’s undergraduate and graduate programs in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and Civil Engineering.

The building also contains departmental faculty offices, a 200-seat lecture hall and multi-purpose lounge/collaboration areas. Featured spaces include multiple robotics structures and digital labs, as well as flexible, open project labs to facilitate student team-based collaboration.

Several of the building’s major technical spaces are located on the first floor for easy accessibility, as well as additional headroom and to support heavy loading in the labs. These spaces include the Robotics Lab, the Mechatronics Lab, the Fluid Controls (Pneumatics) Lab, the Concrete Lab, and a High Bay Structural Test Bay. These program elements are arranged in a particular sequence to make it easy for visitors and potential students to tour the building, talk with staff, and see new technologies in use. An open stair directly connects the lobby to the main classrooms on the upper levels. The Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering programs are located on these upper floors.

Located in the center of the CCSU campus, this new innovative and technologically advanced building will strengthen and showcase the university’s commitment to engineering, technology, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Client: Amenta Emma and Davis Brodie Bond
Location: New Britain, CT