After a 2019 fire caused significant water damage, the school began renovating the historic dorm. Now, after two years, Hill House is once again home to the college counseling offices, new private dining rooms, a faculty lounge, and a new, coed dorm.

Hill House’s renovation includes a variety of upgrades and new features for the students who now have access to laundry rooms on each floor. New fingerprint locks have replaced the traditional key-operated locks. Two rooms were added near the entrance of the dining hall to serve as private dining rooms where classes or clubs can meet and bring in dining hall food. In addition to these two new rooms, multiple single-use bathrooms will be added. There are two coed common rooms, and four smaller common rooms for the north and south wings. Each of the dorm’s four “pods” has its own common room, providing six common rooms in total. Hill House is now the third coed dormitory on campus, joining the Kohler Environmental Center and West Wing.

Client: Bowie Gridley (now DLR)
Location: Wallingford, CT
Energy Savings:

MTCO2e Savings Over Baseline – 35%