Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School Of Management Additions And Renovations To Sage Hall

The existing Sage Hall building, built in 1873, represents one of Cornell’s most prominent and historically significant buildings. Historical aspects of the facility were preserved in this total reconstruction and expansion which houses Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, a nationally renowned graduate business school. The challenge was in putting the 145,000-square-foot facility the Johnson School required within the footprint of a 104,000-square-foot 19th century building. The solution was to preserve and restore the U-shaped building’s distinguished brick exterior and to completely gut and rebuild the interior. This state-of-the-art business school incorporated complex electronic mechanical and electrical infrastructure designed to address electronic information demands to create a central network to distribute information as well as electronically transmit data, voice, and images throughout the 145,000 square foot facility. The seven lecture halls located in the lower level of the five-story building accommodate between seventy to one hundred fifty people each. These rooms are equipped with computer stations, video, high-end lighting, and state-of-the-art sound systems. The facility includes two atrium computer centers, a library, conference rooms, and offices. Additional spaces include dining/kitchen, lounge, locker, and showers. HVAC systems provide a totally air-conditioned space, satisfying stringent acoustical requirements and providing atrium smoke exhaust. The lower three levels are served by six central air handlers while upper floors are served by individual-form coil units with ducted ventilation provided by a heat recovery unit. The facility has extensive fire suppression systems and plumbing systems throughout. Electrical systems consist of diverse power distribution, sophisticated architectural lighting and “state of the art” special systems distribution to meet the complete requirements for computer data, telecommunication, and audio-visual systems.

Construction cost: $38,000,000

Client: Architect – The Hillier Group
Location: Ithaca, NY