The Learning Corridor

The Learning Corridor, sponsored by the SINA Group in the City of Hartford, is a 15-square block neighborhood redeveloped to create a unique regional campus, connecting Trinity College with the Hartford Hospital Campus. The complex includes a Montessori School, a Middle School, a Regional Math Science & Arts High School, a campus Commons Building, and a Parking Garage. As part of a local consortium of design firms, van Zelm was retained to provide design services for the Middle School and the Academy of the Arts, and as Engineer of Record for the overall project.

Montessori School

60,000 square foot school including classrooms, special needs spaces, music, parent/teacher/visitor learning center, gymnasium, auditorium, multi-purpose room and cafeteria to seat 150 people.

Middle School

97,000 square foot academic facility housing 6th ,7th, and 8th grade students. Spaces include classrooms, science technology laboratories, computer labs, technical/vocational labs in the areas of manufacturing, biotechnology, and food (4500 sf) and a cafeteria totaling 4900 sf.

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts High School

110,000 square feet. The program includes a Common Theater: Science Labs, music, dance, visual arts theater spaces, a small black box theater, and a lecture hall. Students at the Academy study music, drama, dance, and creative writing. The Academy’s professional arts training program is designed to prepare students to pursue professional careers and post-secondary studies in dance, music theatre and creative writing. The Academy serves 250 students in the ninth through twelfth grades from area high schools. The curriculum is professionally oriented, highly structured, and academically rigorous. Among the special features of the academy of the arts is the theater building, with an auditorium seating 800. The main stairway in the lobby of the theater drops through a grand-piano-shaped cut-out of the second floor, the stairway itself appearing to be the keyboard. The Black Box Theater, with a seating capacity of 150, is a small performance and rehearsal theater primarily for Arts Academy use. The Creative Writing Studio is equipped with computers, laptops, and comfortable seating. The Recording Studio equipment includes a keyboard synthesizer, console, headphones, monitor and a digital detangler. There is also a Television Studio Suite.

Commons Building

A mixed-use facility that combines food preparation, a learning resource center, media technology, health center, physical education and central receiving and supply for the three schools. It also includes a gym, fitness center, locker rooms, library, and a learning resource center.

Construction Cost: $110,000,000

Client: SINA Group
Location: Hartford, CT