University of Connecticut Health Center Medical Arts and Research Building

Completed in 2005, the Medical Arts & Research Building (MARB) is a four-story, 103,663 SF facility for care and research related to conditions affecting bones, joints, and connective tissue. The MARB houses an open MRI, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services, as well as clinical services including orthopedics, rheumatology and neurosurgery. It also is home to The Farmington Surgery Center, a multispecialty outpatient surgery center.

The MARB contains the following spaces:

First floor – Two functional departments occupy this floor. The outpatient Radiology group features

MRI units, general radiology and a CT unit with associated patient waiting, reception and dressing rooms. Supporting staff technical spaces and offices for radiology are also included.

The Rehabilitation group has an exercise area with supporting treatment spaces.

There is a main building entry vestibule to the lobby and cafe with associated seating. An overhead canopy for the patient drop-off is connected to the main lobby. Additionally, the central Mechanical and Electrical Service Rooms and Receiving operations are located on this floor to serve the building.

Second Floor – The Farmington Surgery Center occupies this entire floor. Their facility contains general operating rooms and technical support spaces including sterile storage, equipment rooms, staff dressing and locker rooms and, Stage 1 and Stage 2 recovery. Patient waiting, reception, medical records and staff offices were also found on this floor. Separate entry vestibules are also included here with associated overhead canopies at the patient drop-off and pickup locations.

Third Floor – This floor houses Orthopedic, Rheumatology and Osteoporosis medical clinic spaces for six clinical sub-groups including patient waiting, reception and exam rooms. Technical spaces include clean supply, soiled holding, equipment storage, x-ray and dark rooms, staff lockers, dressing rooms and staff offices.

Fourth Floor – This space is divided into two functions: office, and research laboratory. Office spaces include a seminar room seating fifty (50), several smaller conference rooms, a library and numerous open and closed offices and office support spaces. The research laboratories include open wet biological laboratory space with miscellaneous laboratory support spaces including tissue culture rooms, small animal holding and procedure, dark room, controlled temperature, and equipment rooms. Closed biomechanical laboratories and associated lab support spaces are also on this floor.

Pedestrian & Automobile Access – There is access to both the first-floor main entry lobby and the second-floor patient drop-off and pick-up. There is a walkway that links the building’s second floor to existing pedestrian pathways serving the main campus hospital building.

Location: Farmington, CT